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Bumble Hole announce major investment in green energy

Bumble Hole are delighted to announce a major investment in solar energy at their Bromsgrove operation. This extra investment is nearly £400,000 in 780 new panels and will generate upto a massive 300,000 kWh per year of electricity just from the sun. This is in addition to 50,000 kWh we have been generating since 2011. This investment alone will save over 70 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year. Company Director Andrew Hewston commented, “Bumble Hole Foods are a sustainable community employer and we are committed to reducing our environmental foot print. We have already invested significantly in energy reductions projects around the site, and the investment in green energy ensures we have sustainable business model in the long term. Our aim is to generate 100% of our energy from renewables over the long term. We believe we are the industry leaders in our sector for our environmental plan”.

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