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Ever since Bumble Hole Foods was created back in 1961, we had a clear vision – to build a reputation for supplying the very best egg products.

We have invested all our energy and resources into ensuring this vision became a reality and are proud to have achieved an incredible track record, with hundreds of satisfied customers over the years.

The quality of our eggs is second to none. We only work with the best, accredited farms and ensure that every single egg we use and egg product we make is fully traceable.

To optimise the taste, freshness, and texture of our egg products, we have made a massive financial investment in order to create a bespoke egg manufacturing plant that utilises the latest technology.

Combined with robust quality control standards and a highly skilled and dedicated workforce, we are confident you won’t find better egg products anywhere else in the UK.

As one of the UK’s leading egg product suppliers, we offer a wide range of egg products to cater for the varied needs of food manufacturing companies, bakeries, and supermarkets all over the UK.

We have achieved nationwide recognition for the quality of our products and have a wide range of accreditations and awards that are testament to our commitment to the quality of our products.

Liquid Egg

Liquid eggs are easy to transport and store and have many uses – from cakes and pastry glazes to mayonnaise, quiches, sauces, scrambled eggs and omelettes.

Our liquid eggs are consistently tested throughout the production process to ensure our incredibly high quality standards are always maintained. We actively seek customer feedback on a regular basis to check our products perform well and consistently.

Liquid Egg Yolk

Perfect for food manufacturers who need superior quality yolks for making ice creams, custards, sauces, and mayonnaises.

Our yolk is processed and tested thoroughly to guarantee excellent emulsifying properties.

Liquid Egg White

We save our customers time and money by supplying liquid egg whites. Our manufacturing customers use our product to make custard, omelettes, and various types of desserts.

Our product undergoes rigorous testing at our state-of-the-art egg manufacturing plant to ensure it binds, whips, gels, and foams perfectly.

Liquid Egg Blends

Whatever ratio of whole egg, egg yolk, and egg white you need – we can produce it at our innovative egg manufacturing plant. Each different ratio will create a unique taste, texture, and performance, allowing you to create new recipes and enhanced flavours.

We can also offer a range of low-fat blends for those customers who want to focus on healthier products.

Egg Mayonnaise

Food manufacturers all over the UK chose our egg mayonnaise for their sandwich fillings, highly rating the freshness and taste of our product.

Product Options:

  • Low fact
  • Clean label
  • Variety of chop sizes
  • Standard free range
  • Barn
  • Standard colony
  • Soil Association organic free range or organic barn reared
  • Pack sizes: 1kg, 2kg, 10kg

Boiled Egg

UK food manufacturers responsible for making scotch eggs or egg sandwiches, or supplying ready to eat hard boiled eggs, love the freshness and quality of our eggs.

They know they can reply on Bumble Hole Foods to consistently deliver a high-quality egg product that has been rigorously checked throughout the production process at our bespoke egg manufacturing plant.

Product Options:

  • Standard free range
  • Barn
  • Standard colony
  • Soil Association organic free range or organic barn reared
  • Pack sizes: 4 dozen, 12 dozen, 14 dozen – with a variety of preservative carriers including citric or brine solutions

Scrambled Egg

To give our customers maximum choice and flexibility, we offer three types of scrambled egg: pre-cooked, uncooked, and individually quick-frozen.

Chilled, uncooked scrambled egg is incredibly versatile, perfect for quiches and omelettes, and can be used in small batches, with the remaining egg frozen.

Individually quick-frozen scrambled egg has a firmer texture and works well in egg fried rice dishes.

Product options:

  • Pre-cooked scrambled egg is available in 1kg or 2kg pouches, chilled or frozen
  • Uncooked scrambled egg is available in 1kg or 2kg pouches, chilled or frozen
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