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Egg Mayonnaise

Need a good egg to supply high-quality sandwich fillings? Choose ready-made egg mayonnaise from Bumble Hole Foods for a fast and efficient service.

Fresh, tasty, and highly rated by the UK’s leading manufacturers, our ready-prepared egg mayonnaise is the perfect sandwich filler solution. Whether you pop this cult classic between bread, in a baguette, or even on a jacket potato, our product can be customised to your needs. 

Egg Mayonnaise Sandwich Egg Mayonnaise Sandwich

About Our Egg Mayonnaise

Our standard product provides the perfect level of creamy taste and consistency. However, we are more than happy to create a custom egg mayonnaise recipe to suit your customers, whether you’re looking for something extra low-fat or high in protein. 

Our products are produced with free-range eggs, which are boiled, chopped, and mixed with high-tech efficiency and precision. Looking for a larger or smaller chop size? Our machinery can easily be adapted, personalising each product to your preferences. 

Our boiled eggs are kept fresh in a citric preservative before being chopped. All finished products are thoroughly tested and metal detected for the highest level of safety. Find all the essential information for our standard recipe below. 

 Egg Mayonnaise in a bowl  Egg Mayonnaise in a bowl

Shipping and Storage

Available in 10kg buckets, our exceptional product will be delivered in high-tech, temperature-controlled vans.

All finished products should be stored and distributed at a temperature between 0-4°C. Once opened, the product should remain chilled and be used within two days. 

Egg Mayonnaise in pots on table Egg Mayonnaise in pots on table

Buy Egg Mayonnaise in Bulk

Ready to place an order, or have a question about our highly rated egg mayonnaise recipe? We would love to hear from you. Having been cracking eggs since 1961, we know a thing or two about the industry.

From short lead times to cost-effective customisation, we can cater to your needs. Please get in touch to chat with us today

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