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How we work

Our commitment as leading egg suppliers

A commitment to the best quality products, investment in the most efficient technology, tried and tested quality control systems, and using a highly dedicated and well-trained workforce are what sets us apart as leading egg suppliers.


The quality of the eggs we use is of the utmost importance to us. And so we have formed strong alliances with the very best farms all over the UK, who have been accredited for both their hygiene standards and for the welfare of the chickens. Each egg we use and process at our large-scale egg manufacturing plant can be traced right back to the individual farm.

Egg manufacturing and processing

A commitment to being one of the best egg suppliers in the UK means we have to have the very best equipment, processes, and people.

  • Our equipment is state-of-the art. We have invested hundreds of thousands of pounds into creating the most effective and efficient processing systems that work quickly, hygienically, and cost-effectively, without compromising on taste.

  • Our processes have been developed and refined over time and we can guarantee complete traceability of all of our eggs, right back to the chickens’ diet. Our eggs are continuously tested throughout the entire production process, to check bacterial count, performance, and taste.

  • Our people are key to our success. We have a long-standing team of highly skilled and hardworking individuals who are dedicated to producing a consistently high-quality product.
Packaging and delivery

We like to be as flexible as possible for our customers and work with them to find the best packaging solution. Whether you want your products delivered in pouches or pallecons, we’ll provide you with the size, format, and valve that best meets your requirements.

We understand the demands our customers have, working in fast paced manufacturing environments. We’re always on hand to help out with short lead times and last-minute orders and can deliver same day if needed, thanks to our focus on customer service and our central England location.

We always ensure our customers receive their products on time. Our drivers know how to transport, move, and store egg products, and our vehicle are temperature controlled and remotely GPS tracked.

Cracking Eggs since 1961…