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Bumble Hole Foods isĀ at the forefront of creating long term sustainable supply relationships.

We have a very special relationship with our farmers, we understand the pressures and the workload that our producers have because we were egg producers, our business was built on egg production and as a result we can work with our producers far more effectively than just playing the wholesale market to rely on sourcing our raw material.

Working with our customers we can create supply chain cohesion, making the supply relationship robust and reliable. Not only securing volume but enabling us to consider special requirements from customers such as yolk colour or husbandry systems like free range of barn production. To achieve this we work with a select group of industry experts and farmers, creating an a open book relationship that gives the producers an opportunity to plan a long term production strategy that meets customers needs.

"Our working relationship with Bumble Hole Foods is a core element of our business strategy. It has enabled our farmers to plan forward and optimise our producer base. We look forward to exploring opportunities for our free range egg production."

Tom Elliott, Managing Director, Eggsell.

At the heart of this relationship is our Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility program. This is our commitment to deal with our suppliers and customers on an ethical basis and recognises our responsibility as a business to everyone who deals with us.